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Salary Range: between $650 and $750
Need Domestic Worker from 15 Aug 2019

Caring Skills needed

  Young children (6-12 years)

Language Skills needed


Cooking Skills needed

  Western dishes
  Chinese dishes

Other Skills needed

  Using public transport
We are a family of 4. I am Filipino-Chinese and my husband is British. We both work from home. Two children ages 12 and 8. No pets. We live in a 3 storey cluster house/condo in the East Coast.

Our helper who has been with us for 8 years is retiring. She is Indonesian so we would like to hire an Indonesian.

Duties are standard: cleaning, laundry, childcare, cooking.

Experience in cooking skills (at least knows Asian dishes), Willing to handle/cook pork.

Every Sunday, and public holidays off except Christmas Day (if we are in Singapore). But we would appreciate some flexibility when we need Helper to work on Sunday/Public Holiday (with extra pay). Home leave at the end of 1st two-year contract. If renewed, home leave is once a year, between 2-4 weeks.

SIM Card top up allowance once a month.
No food allowance. We eat the same things.
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