MOM Paperwork Service for local transfers


MOM Paperwork Service: (fulfilled through Anisya LLP 12C5866)

MOM regulations against insensitive advertising forbid us from displaying our agency fee schedule on our website. Please contact us at for a comprehensive fee schedule.

The prospective employer should verify the following:

  • Worker is currently in Singapore
  • Worker’s release paper is signed by her current employer
  • Last medical check-up was done within the past 5 months
  • Work permit is valid for at least 1 month
  • Worker’s passport is valid for at least 6 months

This service includes the following:

  • Formalization of employment terms (salary, working hours, off days, annual leave) between employer and worker
  • Full documentation for work permit application
  • Work Permit Card – Ensure proper documentation and submission of required documents to Work Pass Service Centre and delivery of work permit card
  • Coordinating employment exit with worker’s current employer to facilitate a smooth transition to employer’s household
  • Consultation for best practices on structuring a daily schedule and maintaining a healthy employment relationship

Employer is responsible for the following costs:

  1. Security Bond/Insurance for 26 months as required for 2 year contracts to be paid by new employer – NTUC insurance packages
  2. MOM work permit application and issuance fees: $70
  3. Medical check-up costs (if required)
  4. Monthly MOM levy payments

Foreign Domestic Worker is responsible for the following costs:

  1. Transportation costs to the employer’s residence
  2. Passport renewal costs, if required

Payment is due before Anisya submits the work permit application to the Ministry of Manpower. After the work permit is approved, there will be no refunds or replacements if employer or worker decides not to continue with employment relationship.

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