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Important details to improve your employer ad

Dear Employers,

Anisya provides you direct access to workers (you can get unlimited contacts by upgrading) but having as much detail in your employer ad as possible can greatly reduce the back and forth exchanges before identifying a good match for your hiring needs.

Details on the following should be included in your employer ad, since workers invariably end up asking about them:

  1. Number of people in your household, including adults, children or older adults (elderly)
  2. Age of children (if any)
  3. Employer’s Nationality
  4. Salary Range (Recommended minimum is $600 based on Anisya’s salary survey). You can also compare your salary offer with other employers on the website.
  5. Any pets
  6. Do you need the worker to work on an off day? If so, what compensation is offered? It is mandatory to provide a weekly off day
  7. Will the worker be given the day off day Public Holidays? (this is becoming increasingly common)
  8. Is a separate room provided for the worker? Privacy considerations are important for workers


  1. Preferred nationality of worker
  2. Main duties
  3. Will you offer an annual leave? If so, will this be paid? And will travel be covered? Annual leave is not a mandatory requirement by MOM
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