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Tips for Online Etiquette

Many employers looking to hire a new domestic worker nowadays actually visit their potential worker’s Facebook page to read up more on them before making a decision. How should you show your (employer or potential employer) that you have a good knowledge of online etiquette? Learning the difference between good online etiquette — and lack thereof — might attract employers or turn them away.

Here are two tips that you should embrace (and share with your fellow FDWs):

1. Keep private information about your employers private.

Refrain from posting any information on the private lives of your employers even if you have ceased working for them. This includes photos taken with the family, with their children or with any other members of their family. Remember, as a foreign domestic worker, you are essentially responsible and liable to the household you are working for. As such, you should not be revealing information about your employer’s family lives to your friends or the online community. Most employers looking to recruit new domestic workers do not appreciate looking at or reading about previous employers as they get worried that this might happen to them.

2. Choose words and pictorials wisely

You should not use vulgar, offensive, obscene language or even post sexually explicit photos on your Facebook site. Do not forget that this information is available to anyone who can see them – even your future employers. Most employers with children question the suitability of a foreign domestic worker when they see such sexually explicit or offensive content online as they regard such material as potentially harmful to their children. Be careful of the images that are in full view of the general public




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