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 The early years of motherhood call for you to be at the top of your game. Finding a balance between family, work and time for yourself can be challenging. Young children require a lot of attention, not to mention your busy job and other endeavors. In order to have enough energy to combine all these aspects of your life, you should feel comfortable in your own body. The mission behind the Mom in Balance Workout Program is to help as many (soon-to-be) mothers feel physically strong and full of energy, better equipping them to fully enjoy motherhood. We do this together with a team of motivated and enthusiastic trainers, as well as other active mothers.
help agencyCheck out Help Agency for a comprehensive list of courses including cooking, first aid with babies and children, health emergencies in babies and kids, workplace health and safety and women’s health 1-to-1 program. Click here for Help Agency’s full course list.Anne Genetet is the Founder of Help Agency and a medical doctor. She is actively involved with NGOs that provide support to migrant workers and also expatriate support groups like Singapore Expat Wives, SingaFrog and Singapour Nanas.
exExpat Kitchen runs a comprehensive range of cooking classes for foreign domestic workers, ranging from a basic level all the way to Master Classes. Click here for more details.Anisya members get a special $20 discount when registering for the Signature Helpers Basic Cooking Course!  Please quote “EK-ANISYA” when purchasing the class or bring along the voucher below (click on the voucher to view a larger printable version).


homeHOME Academy runs computer, english literacy, caregiver, cosmetology, dressmaking, aromatherapy, baking and cooking courses. Click here for the full list of HOME Academy courses.
The Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) registered as a society and charity in 2004 and is dedicated to upholding the rights of migrant workers in Singapore, including victims of human trafficking and forced labour.
aidhaAidha provides financial literacy programmes such as money management, computer literacy, leadership and entrepreneurial skills for foreign domestic workers and lower-income women. Students learn to open businesses of their own or invest in productive assets like livestock and land in their home countries. Click here for a full list of Aidha courses.Aidha’s mission is to empower and provide opportunities for foreign domestic workers and lower-income women to transform their lives through sustainable wealth creation.
askiThe courses being offered at ASKI Global are designed to aid migrant workers get into action to realise their dreams. Recognising that the main motivation of overseas workers is to provide a more physically comfortable and financially sustainable life for their families, training modules are customised based on their dreams, wants and aspirations. These academic programmes are co-developed with the National University of Singapore.ASKI Global’s mission is to help migrant workers, their families and the society at large become financially literate and independent through entrepreneurial coaching and training.
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