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Take the Anisya Transfer Pledge to get the discounted rate of S$59 for the upgraded version of the Anisya website!  Usual price is S$99 for 1 month of service.

There are currently around 220,000 Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) in Singapore 1. Workers arriving into Singapore from overseas would typically shoulder loans worth 7 months of their salary 2. This loan amount is initially paid by the employer to the maid agency, and deducted from the worker’s salary on a monthly basis until fully paid off. Workers already in Singapore and transferring to another employer can be charged between 1-2 months 3 of their salary on maid agencies fees.

Transfer Pledge - worker only

At Anisya, we believe in promoting healthy employment relationships between employers and workers. We focus on reducing the economic burden that workers have to bear when acquiring jobs, and also fostering greater employment freedom in the FDW marketplace. In 2012, the Anisya website was launched and we eliminated agency fees payable by workers as part of providing our transfer or overseas hiring services to employers.

Under Ministry of Manpower rules today, if a worker finishes her 2 year contract and does not wish to continue working with the same employer, she requires her current employer to provide signed consent to change her employer.  A worker who does not continue working with her current employer and who cannot transfer is left with no other choice but to return home, and incur hefty agency fees in returning to Singapore for subsequent employment.

We invite all employers to sign the Anisya Transfer Pledge, and agree to allow their future workers to transfers and support employment freedom.

How does the Anisya Transfer Pledge work?

Transfer Pledge - Sign Up Today

The Anisya Transfer Pledge:

I agree to provide signed consent for my worker to transfer to another employer if she does not wish to continue employment with me or asks to leave at the end of the employment contract period. This is represented as signing on the Consent from employer to transfer (commonly known as the “release paper”). To the extent possible, I will allow a minimum 2 week (14 day) notice period for the worker to interview and find the next employer.


In recognition of supporting the Anisya Transfer Pledge, you will be accorded a discount on the Upgraded Anisya website service (regular price S$99 for 1 month service) . This is an upgrade from the Free version of the website and includes more powerful tools to super-charge your hiring process.

To activate the discounted rate of S$59, take the Anisya Transfer Pledge by emailing to support [at] a scan or photo of your identification card 5.

Why do we ask for this information? The Anisya website was created for employers to contact workers directly and to facilitate direct communication and discussion around FDW employment. Unfortunately, there have been instances where employment agents have created accounts to pose as employers to trawl for FDW information, which is against Anisya’s Terms and Conditions and compromises the integrity of the Anisya community. To comply with PDPA’s updated policy on collection of identification information, we have decided that this step is necessary to accurately verify identities.

How will we use this information? We will run a quick check against the MOM Employment Agency directory to make sure the Transfer Pledge request is not coming from an employment agency personnel and will promptly approve your request thereafter.

Is this information retained?  We do not retain these identification details in compliance with PDPA policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to activate this discount on my Employer account?
If you have supported a transfer before, we will activate this discount after confirming with your worker. If you’re a first time employer, we will typically activate your discount within 24 hours. You will be notified by email when your discount has been activated. Please pay for the upgraded service only after your discount has been activated.  You will see the discounted price reflected in your online payment.  No refunds will be provided to customers who have purchased at full price and then tried obtaining the discount thereafter.

Is this Transfer Pledge a binding contract?
It is NOT a binding contract and we’re looking for employers to operate in accordance with the spirit of the pledge, which is to support your worker’s employment freedom and not use your signing of the release paper (a requirement to transfer) as a bargaining chip or threat.

My worker really shouldn’t transfer to another family, do I still need to abide by the Transfer Pledge?
In situations whereby your worker has infringed upon the law or if you believe she could be a a threat to the next family, please do inform us.

Any other questions? Please contact us at support [at]

1. Source: MOM website
2. Source: Anisya survey of FDW salary deductions (ongoing)
3. MOM allows employment agencies to charge fees worth 1 month salary for each year of employment
5. Terms and Conditions apply. Anisya’s decision is final on awarding discounted subscription rates

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