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Home is where the heart is

This is my story about my family, my struggles at work, and my going-back-home dilemma.

My name is Cel, I am 29 years old and I come from Maasin, Iloilo, Philippines. Back home, we have a small piece of land and we live in a small bamboo house together. My father works as a farmer on our land, and my younger brother is relying on me to find money for him to study in university. My mum is no longer with us due to illness. I am single, caring, independent, hard working, and most importantly, honest. Read on for my story!

I prayed to be able to work abroad because I wanted to earn money for my family. My family is poor, and God answered my prayers when I received an interview to work in Singapore in 2009.

My first employer was a wealthy, 92 year old Indonesian Chinese lady. I worked alone in a 3-story bungalow and took care of her all day. It was not easy to work with her, but she taught me a lot of things. I learnt how to cook Asian and Western food, and she showed me how to clean and organise a house properly. There was once I injured myself while mopping the floor. The skin on my knee came off! But whenever something goes wrong, my employer would blame me. I also had to massage her for 2 hours every night, which is very tiring.

It was difficult work, but I stayed on. At that time, my sick mum has been bedridden for 10 years and needed money for medication. Before my contract ended, I asked my employer if she could release me and she agreed to. However, she assumed that I wanted to go home immediately, so she bought a ticket back to Manila in 3 days! I never expected her to send me back directly after she released me. I cried as it was very shocking and sudden. It was so difficult to accept what happened to me, but I overcame all of these and decided to find work again to continue supporting my family.

My second employers were a Singaporean/Danish family who treated me very well, just like a part of their family. I was able to work independently by myself. They liked my cooking, and were happy to see the house clean and organised. I was really lucky to be part of their appreciative family.

Unfortunately, I had to make the difficult decision to go home as my mum’s health became critical. Before I left Singapore, we took pictures and hugged. It was so sad to leave, as they were telling me that they would miss me so much.

This time round, it was my decision to leave Singapore. I left my amazing job in Singapore to take care of my mum as I know she doesn’t have much time left… she eventually passed away last February.

Sadly, because I went back to the Philippines for about a year, my ex-employers had no choice but to hire another helper. Today, I still feel sad for losing my mum and I also miss my job in Singapore badly. My hope is to find good employers again. I enjoy working in Singapore because there are good rules and regulations, and most of my relatives have jobs here. I have also grown to like this country very much.

My message for other Foreign Domestic Helpers:
Even if you face any difficulties while working in Singapore, you must take the chance to learn from it. Do your job properly, be hardworking and think about your family suffering back in the Philippines. They will also miss you when you are away.

God bless you.
With love, Cel.

If you wish to contact Cel, please send us a direct message. Her contact details have been left out to protect her privacy online. She is looking to work in Singapore and is available immediately. At the moment, she is back in the Philippines. You can contact, interview and hire her from our Anisya website.

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Posted on 29 Nov 2016


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