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Anisya Transfer Rating

The Anisya Transfer Rating provides a quick summary of a worker’s ability to transfer. This page describes the 4 criteria that a worker must meet to be able to transfer, and how the Anisya Transfer Rating summarizes these different factors into a simple illustration.

For a domestic worker to be eligible for transfer, she must meet the following criteria:

  1. have at least 30 days validity on her current work permit
  2. have passport validity of at least 7 months
  3. have medical examination completed within the last 5 months
  4. must have her current employer sign the “release papers”

For a worker to be able to transfer, all 4 criteria mentioned above must be “Green”.  If any of them are “Red”, the worker will not be able to transfer.  There are some circumstances that exist between “Green” and “Red”, and this is indicated by the “Yellow” indicator.

Green Yellow Red
Work Permit More than 30 days to expiry Less than 30 days to expiry
Passport More than 7 months validity Between 3 and 7 months validity (worker still have time to renew passport) Less than 3 months valid (will likely not be able to renew in time)
Medical Checkup Last medical done less than 5 months ago More than 5 months ago (medical checkups can be done quite quickly, so worst case is a “Yellow”)
Release Paper Release paper has been signed Employer has verbally agreed Employer will not sign, worker cannot transfer


The Anisya Transfer Rating is a summary of these 4 criteria.

 – 1 out of 4 criteria is Green

 – 2 out of 4 criteria is Green

 – 3 out of 4 criteria is Green

 – All criteria is Green (Worker is ready to transfer)

 – No Greens in criteria, but at least 1 Yellow

 – 1 Red in criteria.  If there are any Reds in the 4 criteria, the worker cannot transfer

– Worker’s release paper is signed

– No information on worker

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