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How do I send and receive messages via Anisya?

Employers and workers can send messages to one another through the Anisya system.

There are 2 benefits to this:

  • You do not have to reveal your personal contact information right away
  • Recipients can get notified about your message through email and/or SMS.  Many domestic workers do not have steady access to the internet but most have a cellphone, so SMS notification is a good way to reach them

When you receive an email notification about a message, you can respond directly via email to the sender by hitting “reply” on the email.  Anisya will take care of sending your message back to the original sender.

Domestic workers and premium employer accounts can choose to receive SMS notifications from the Anisya system.

Anisya uses a set of phone numbers to send these messages out, these are 86451936, 86451938, 86451946, 86119489, 86996371, 98471922, 86916546 and 86916547.

Please note that these phone numbers belong to Anisya and are not the personal phone numbers of the sender.  When you reply via SMS to these messages, Anisya receives your reply, and then sends on your message to the intended recipient.  This communication can go back and forth through the Anisya system BUT if you want to contact the sender directly at their personal number, you will have to ask them for their phone number.

When responding to SMS messages from Anisya, you will incur charges from your Telco provider.  On the other hand, when an SMS notification is sent to you from Anisya, the charge is incurred by Anisya.

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