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Salary Range: between $650 and $700
Will provide weekly day off: Yes
Will provide public holidays off: Yes
Need Domestic Worker from 20 Aug 2019

Caring Skills needed

  Young children (6-12 years)

Language Skills needed


Other Skills needed

  Using public transport
We are a family of 4 (2 children aged 8 and 10), we have a pet turtle and live in a landed property. We are looking for someone who has a pleasant nature, happy disposition to help with managing the house. We tend to be out most weekends with the kids sport, so there is flexibility for additional days off if wanted. The children go to school 7:30 and return 4pm. Often they will have after school activities which we take them to. We are wanting someone who is able to grocery shop, cook, clean the house and occasional care of the children. Happy to send on cooking classes or classes of interest if wanting to learn further skills.
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