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Salary Range: between $600 and $800
Will provide weekly day off: unspecified
Will provide public holidays off: unspecified
Need Domestic Worker from 21 Apr 2019

Caring Skills needed

  Young children (6-12 years)

Language Skills needed


Cooking Skills needed

  Grocery shopping
  Cooking from recipes
  Western dishes

Other Skills needed

  Using public transport
Hi there, we are a friendly and easy going family of 4 looking for someone to join our family and be my right hand. Someone We can trust with our kids and our landed home. Both parents work with two girls aged 8 & 6. We are looking for someone to work independently and who is organised. Main duties include help with children, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, marketing - wet market and supermarket and all other general household chores. I look forward to hearing from you and finding the right fit for our family. Thank you.
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