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Salary Range: between $600 and $900
Will provide weekly day off: Yes
Will provide public holidays off: Negotiable
Need Domestic Worker from 28 Jun 2021

Caring Skills needed

  Preschoolers (2-5 years)
  Young children (6-12 years)
  Infants (0-2 years)

Language Skills needed


Cooking Skills needed

  Cooking from recipes
  Chinese dishes
  Grocery shopping

Other Skills needed

  Using public transport
Hi, we are a Singaporean Chinese Christian family of 6 persons. My husband and I have 4 cute boys age 8, 6, 4 years old and 10 months old. We stay in a 4 room hdb flat - so 1 room is for my husband and I, 1 room for the 3 older boys with helper and 1 room for baby - advantage of a small house is the housework is lesser.

The work at our house of childcare, cooking and housework is reasonable and we treat our helper respectfully and care for her welfare which can be seen as our current helper has been with us for 5 years and going back to get married.

Weekdays morning older 3 boys are in school and would be back 2-3pm and they sleep early 8pm. When all the kids are home after 3pm, we would engage extra help like my mom - if there is no extra help, we are flexible to not require cooking for that day.

Fri nights to Sun the 3 older boys are at my in laws so helper will have own room to herself for 2 nights every week and Sun, we make sure the kids do not go into the room to disturb helper’s rest. Sat work is mainly household work and baby.

Every Sunday is off and important public holidays to helper eg. Christmas for Christians, Hari Raya for muslims. Baby is easy to take care as he drinks milk and sleeps on his own, also we take care of him in the night when he wakes.

We are happy to discuss further including a good pay for potential helpers who like kids and can come to our house and see what things are like before deciding.
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