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If you’re a Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) looking to transfer, simply create your account on Anisya and activate your advertisement so that Employers will be able to see your availability through the “List of DWs” link.

You can use the Anisya website for FREE but you have to take responsibility for filling up your profile and contacting employers.

Even if an employer hires you through the Anisya website and Anisya does the MOM processing, the worker pays zero processing fee.

With your account on Anisya, Employers can directly contact you to arrange for interviews, and you can receive these messages through SMS or Email, or both.  You also contact Employers through the Anisya website.

Follow these steps to create your account and activate your advertisement, and if you encounter any issues, please send us a message through the Anisya Facebook Page.

You can sign up using your Facebook account, or by creating an Anisya account.  Using your Facebook account is the preferred way since you don’t have to remember a separate password to use the Anisya website.

Step 1: Follow these instructions to connect with Anisya using your Facebook account

Step 2: Fill up your profile and please remember to write a good introduction for yourself

Here are some links you might find useful:

Domestic Worker Well-Being

  1. Illegal EA practices and how to notify MOM about them
  2. Mandatory rest day per week for FDWs
  3. Know your rights – your work permit and passport
  4. Work Safety – Cleaning of windows

Employment Laws 

  1. Should your employer pay for your flight?
  2. FDWs “living out” while under work permit
  3. Workers deployed outside of stated residence

Preparing for Transfer

  1. Write a good introduction for yourself to get more interview requests
  2. You need to transfer 1 month before your work permit expires
  3. Being prepared for interview day
  4. Tips for online etiquette

Useful Contacts and Resources

  1. New telephone helplines for maids from 1 June
  2. Release forms for your employer to sign when transferring
  3. Using CamScanner to send documents
  4. Important Hotlines for Domestic Worker Issues

Using Anisya

  1. No transfer fees for domestic workers
  2. How can I contact employers?
  3. How can I deactivate or delete my account?
  4. What does “activate my ad” mean? 
  5. Using Facebook to connect with Anisya
  6. Why do ads get deactivated? 
  7. Responding to interview requests
  8. How does Anisya’s SMS system work?

Full list of Resources for Domestic Workers – click here for the full list of useful articles for DWs.

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