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Getting Started for Employers


If you’re an Employer looking for a domestic worker, simply create your account on Anisya website and activate your advertisement so that domestic workers will be able to see your ad from the “List of Employers” link.

You can use the free version of Anisya website but with limited access to the website’s features and you will only be able to send one message per day. Your ad will be automatically posted to the Anisya Facebook page to provide a greater circulation among the domestic worker community with priority given to the upgraded accounts.

You can sign up for the upgraded version of the Anisya website for unlimited worker contacts, enhanced search capabilities and privacy options. Anisya is an MOM-registered Employment Agency and we offer a full-hiring service to help you with the entire process of hiring a worker. If you need assistance from an Employment Agency with your hiring, we would appreciate if you do not take the workers from the Anisya website and bring your business elsewhere. Your support will help us make the website better in serving the collective interest of workers and employers.

After you’ve created your Employer’s account, you’ll able to view the full profile details of domestic workers and contact them directly for interviews. Domestic workers will receive your messages through Email or SMS, or both, depending on their notification settings.

You can sign up with Anisya using your Facebook account, or by creating an Anisya account.  Using your Facebook account is the preferred way since you don’t have to remember a separate password to use the Anisya website.

Step 1: Follow these instructions to connect with Anisya using your Facebook account or register a new account here.

Step 2: Fill up your profile and activate your ad

That’s it!

Your ad is now activated and your requirements are visible to domestic workers. You can browse the list of domestic workers and request information or set up an interview with them.

Additional Resources for Employers

Here’s a list of articles that can help you with the Anisya website, your hiring process with workers or creating a healthy employment relationship with your worker.

Things to know about hiring a worker

  1. Requirements for Employers
  2. Important details to improve your employer ad
  3. How to hire a transfer domestic worker
  4. What is a realistic salary to offer?
  5. How does your salary offer compare with other employers?
  6. Planning the transfer – deadlines for transfer
  7. How to interview your prospective worker
  8. Transfer forms for current employer to sign

Using the Anisya website

  1. Anisya Hiring Dashboard
  2. How does Anisya’s SMS system work?
  3. How can I deactivate or delete my account?

Responsibilities as an Employer

  1. Mandatory rest day per week for FDWs
  2. (Negative) Feedback for Employment Agencies
  3. Domestic Worker safety pamphlet (from MOM)
  4. FDW Employer’s Handbook (from MOM)

Full list of articles here

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