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Jacqueline Kueh

Start on: 15 Dec 2021
Hi there, We are family of three, with me, Sir and our son, 2.5 years old. Sir is from Canada and I am from Malaysia (Chinese). We are willing to offer $650 and above, depending on experience; and mobile data for internet use at home and outside. We are also offering every Sun and (most) public holiday off. There is a separate room for helper. Ther... (more)
Salary Range: between $650 and $800


Start on: 15 Dec 2021
We are a local Muslim family with 4 kids age 4,5,9 & 14. We are seeking for a second helper who is cheerful, independent and conversant in English. Will mainly care for our 5 year old while the other kids are in school/childcare during the day. You will be required to travel and send/fetch him from school/class a few times a week. This main... (more)
Salary Range: between $700 and $750


Start on: 15 Dec 2021
1. We're an Indian family of 3 - a couple and a 4 year old daughter, staying in a condo unit 2. Duties includes cleaning, cooking, childcare and carwash 3. We're non-vegetarian but mainly cook vegetarian and eggs at home. Non-vegetarian only once a week. 4. Need English speaking transfer helper 5. Separate helper room provided 6. All Sundays o... (more)
Salary Range: between $650 and $800


Start on: 20 Dec 2021
We are Singaporean family of 4 living in a 2 bed condo apartment. My wife is about to deliver our new born in May 2021, we are looking someone who can provide us additional help with our new born, household chores and simple cooking. Our older son whose age is 4, goes to school in the morning during weekdays. Children sleeps with us at night. ... (more)
Salary Range: between $600 and $900


Start on: 20 Dec 2021
- Only looking for transfers - Friendly French/German expat family of 5 with 3 boys age 5 / 7 / 9, no pets Main tasks: cooking, cleaning, child minding mostly for 5 year old after school. Living in a nice 4 bedroom condo in River Valley, furnished helper room with bathroom, separate back-door entrance Sunday and public holiday are off ... (more)
Salary Range: between $750 and $950


Start on: 20 Dec 2021
We are a family of four looking for a good helper. Not Vegetarian. Mainly to look after a 6 year old child and 8 months old baby, house work, cooking and general household chores. Separate room for helper with weekly off days.
Salary Range: between $500 and $800

Barbara Maneschi

Start on: 21 Dec 2021
We are a friendly expat couple (British and Swiss-Italian) with a 3 years old toddler (boy) and 1 friendly small dog. We have been in Singapore for 14 years and live in a in a 3 bdr condo apartment, in a nice neighbourhood. There are many children and other lovely helpers in the condo. We are looking for a friendly transfer helper to join our... (more)
Salary Range: between $600 and $800

Margaret Li

Start on: 24 Dec 2021
We are a family with 3 members (my husband, my son and myself), my son is 6.5 years old now, we are from China, new to Singapore. No pet. My parents, or friends might visit us occasionally. We are looking for a helper who can speak good English, good at cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, help to take care of the kid (like send, pick up from s... (more)
Salary Range: between $700 and $900

A Little Family

Start on: 01 Jan 2022
We are looking for an honest, hardworking, clean and healthy helper for our family of four. We have 2 beautiful little girls - 18 months and 4.5 years. We are mixed Australia/UK/Indonesia. We also have two cats that we brought over to Singapore and are like family to us, so we are looking for someone who is a cat lover! You will have your ow... (more)
Salary Range: between $800 and $900

Usman Ali

Start on: 01 Jan 2022
We are Muslim family of 5, husband, wife and 3 kids (8,9 and 12 years old ). We are looking for helper mainly for our two girls whom have speech delay. Normally they do things their own but need to guide them and help in house chores. We are living in a 3 bed/3 bath condo, at West. Helper will have her own washroom but the room to be shared wit... (more)
Salary Range: between $650 and $700

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