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Start on: 01 Feb 2021
We are a vegetarian family of 4 - children are 16 years and 21 years. The 21 year old boy is autistic (can't talk, but physically ok) - we are looking for a helper who is kind and patient, and can handle the housework and keen to learn Indian cooking. We are fair, reasonable and compassionate employers.
Salary Range: between $650 and $700

Arthi Thiagarajan

Start on: 01 Feb 2021
We are a family of 4. Couple and 4years old girl and 1 year old boy. I am a stay home mom and my daughter goes to school for 4 hours everyday. We are a vegetarian household . No meat allowed inside the house. We eat egg . Live in a 3 bed condo. Looking for someone who is a quick learner and has a pleasant personality. Has to love kids and know ... (more)
Salary Range: between $400 and $800

Ck Soh

Start on: 01 Feb 2021
*Chinese family of Five living in HDB. *I’m 40years old, spouse 33years old. *3 kids age 10(Girl) ,3(boy) & 10months old (boy) *Main chores will be housekeeping and tend to our kids. *Have a separate room with wall fan for helper. *weekly off day will be compensated if required. *Holiday off. *Pay Range $600-$750. Depend on experienc... (more)
Salary Range: between $600 and $750


Start on: 01 Feb 2021
Hello. We are a British couple, both in full time work (doctor and banker), expecting our first baby soon. We also have a dog. We are looking for someone who can start in Feb or early March, who is experienced with and likes babies and dogs, preferably having worked for other expat families. We prefer someone experienced with running the household... (more)
Salary Range: between $800 and $1200

Kritika Venugopal

Start on: 01 Feb 2021
Hello there, We are two single Indian females living in Singapore now for the past 8 years. We do not have any children or any pets. However, if an employee has experience with them, it would still be considered a plus. Given that it is only two members of the household without any special needs to take care of, we are willing to pay a s... (more)
Salary Range: between $600 and $800

M Mistry

Start on: 05 Feb 2021
We are a British family - Husband, wife and two children, aged 18 months & 3 years. Both children are in pre-school. Looking for a simple hard-working, experiences, trustworthy helper to manage our household
Salary Range: between $600 and $800


Start on: 10 Feb 2021
We are an Australian family of 5 + cute dog looking for a Director of Operations for our home! We are 2 working parents with 3 cheerful children: 11 yrs (girl), 9yrs (boy) and 5yrs (boy). We also have one puppy (1yr) dog. The children are at school 5 days. We are kind and willing to support you to achieve your goals (you can speak to our current ... (more)
Salary Range: between $800 and $1100


Start on: 11 Feb 2021
Hi, I am looking for an experienced helper who knows cooking and can manage the house. My children (boy 6 yrs and girl 10 yrs old) are independent and return from school late in the afternoon. Need someone responsible with good employment history.
Salary Range: between $600 and $750

Ankit Bharadwaj

Start on: 15 Feb 2021
We are a Indian family of three, we have a baby girl of 5 months. We live in a 3bhk with a separate helper room and washroom. We are looking for a full time helper who can become part of our family. Our requirements include regular house work like cooking, cleaning, laundry and some help with taking care of the baby. We are vegetarians but we are ... (more)
Salary Range: between $700 and $1000

Pierre Piero

Start on: 15 Feb 2021
Hi we are Eka (from Canada) and Pierre (from Australia) We have moved back to Singapore with my wife and two children (2yo daughter and 4yo son). We are easy going, enjoy life and embrace helper’s like part of the family. And the kids are adorable! Looking for live-in maid/nanny that can take look after the kids, cook meals for kids, and k... (more)
Salary Range: between $600 and $850

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