About Anisya

Anisya is not your typical maid agency, and through working with us, we hope you’d agree.

Anisya’s goal is to create an open employment marketplace for domestic workers and employers and we do this through an online employment platform and by providing employment services.

We believe that healthy employment relationships start with both parties in the relationship making their best judgement based on ample information. The commercial recruitment sector has progressed rapidly on this front with online recruitment websites (e.g. JobStreet, Monster), professional networking sites (e.g. LinkedIn) and insider information sites (e.g. Vault). The same is unfortunately not true when it comes to hiring a domestic worker. If you’re an employer, you’re entrusting your children, household and valuables to someone you know little about, and if you’re a domestic worker, you’re entering a 24/7 living and working environment with huge amounts of uncertainty. Given this, it is not surprising that we hear more about broken employment relationships than successful matches.

Our approach

Anisya aims to address the information access issue through an online employment platform where domestic workers and employers can connect, get to know one another and pursue employment opportunities.

Our goal is to provide a system where Anisya users can view one another’s employment and hiring track records where available, and where workers are able to present references from prior employers, with these employers making themselves available for email or phone reference contacts.  This goal assumes a well connected community of workers and employers but in reality, a large proportion of the domestic worker community is not plugged into the internet and social media.  We are hopeful that over time more workers will get connected to the internet but for now, one of our key objectives is to facilitate connections and conversations (via SMS) between workers and employers as they explore employment opportunities.


The Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) is a registered charity in Singapore and is dedicated to upholding the rights of migrant workers in Singapore, including victims of human trafficking and forced labour. Anisya is a strong supporter of HOME and our registered business address is co-located with HOME’s Lucky Plaza office.


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