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About Anisya

Anisya’s goal is to create an open employment marketplace for foreign domestic workers (FDWs) and employers and we do this through an online employment platform and by providing employment services.

In 2012, Anisya pioneered the system of charging only $50 as agency fees to FDWs when an FDW gets a job, at a time when most other employment agencies were charging up to 2 months of their salary in fees and continue to do so. In 2015, the Anisya Transfer Pledge was rolled out, providing discounts to employers who would pledge to support their FDWs employment freedom by agreeing to let their FDWs transfer to the next employer freely.

Use of the Anisya website

Anisya’s Mission is to promote employment freedom and empowering workers and employers with choices.

Anisya delivers on this mission through the following ways:

  1. Workers can contact employers of their choosing to find employment without incurring any costs
  2. Employers can contact and interview workers of their choosing
  3. Employers can choose to do their own MOM processing without incurring costs from Anisya, or pay Anisya LLP for EA services

All parties, including other Employment Agencies, are welcome to post worker and employer ads if they support Anisya’s mission and agree to the following: when an employer and worker agree to employment, the employer and worker should have full knowledge of available Employment Agency and hiring options and not be coerced into using a specific agency. Employers, workers or Employment Agencies that infringe upon this practice will be actively barred from using the Anisya website.

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