Couple jailed for hurting maid: Previous maid abuse cases

PUBLISHED ON MAY 15, 2015 8:30 AM

Rosman Anwar (right), 42, and Khairani Abdul Rahman (left), 47, had committed the offences against Indonesian Ms Solichah, 28, between August 2011 and March 2013. — ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW

SINGAPORE – A husband and wife were sentenced to jail on Thursday, after they were found guilty of slapping their domestic worker, pulling her hair and hitting her with a plastic stool. Rosman Anwar, 42, and Khairani Abdul Rahman, 47, had committed the offences against Indonesian Ms Solichah, 28, between August 2011 and March 2013.

Here are some past cases of maid abuse:

1. May 2015

Retiree Lum Wai Lui was convicted on the two charges on May 13, 2015 after a court heard how she meted out the punishment on Filipina Jonna Memeje Muegue, 25. — PHOTO: ST FILE

Lum Wai Lui, a retired radiograph and medicine technician, was found guilty of slapping the face of her Filipina helper and knocking her head against the wall at her Maplewoods condominium on Oct 29, 2012.

The 74-year-old had also poured bleach on the hands and arms of Jonna Memeje Muegue, 25, who was employed by Lum’s daughter, Chua Siew Peng, 43.

Chua and her sister, Kathleen Chua Siew Wai, 41, are also on trial for hurting Ms Muegue. Their case is ongoing.

Ms Muegue escaped from her employer’s apartment on Oct 30, 2012, by climbing out of a window, walking on a ledge and jumping onto the fifth-floor rooftop of another building after being punished for eating salmon which was not intended for her. She had lost 10kg during her 10-month stay with the household.

Lum’s case was adjourned to June 29, 2015 for mitigation and for the defence to get a psychiatric report from the Institute of Mental Health.

2. April 2015

Low Gek Hong, a tutor who repeatedly abused a 17-year-old maid over three months, and poking her with a pair of scissors, biting and scalding her, was sentenced to nine months in jail on April 18, 2015. — PHOTO: ST FILE


Tutor Low Gek Hong, 37, repeatedly abused her mother’s 17-year-old maid over three months from December 2011 to February 2012, three months into the maid’s employment at her mother’s Tampines flat.

She repeatedly scratched the Myanmar maid on the face, arms and ears for being inefficient, and used a pair of scissors to poke the victim’s left shoulder in February 2012 because the maid could not find a pillowcase that Low wanted changed. Low also punished the maid by kicking her, biting her, and hitting her with a metal hanger, including once pouring a mug of hot water onto the victim’s back for falling asleep in the toilet.

Low, whose claim that she was suffering from depression when she abused the maid was rejected, was sentenced to nine months jail and ordered to pay the maid $5,000 compensation.

3. September 2014

Chan Huey Fern was sentenced to 21 months’ jail on August 7, 2013 after inflicting severe injuries on 25-year-old Indonesian Juwarti. —  PHOTO: ST FILE


Chan Huey Fern, 33, was given three additional months’ jail on top of her 21-month jail sentence for hitting the back of her Indonesian maid with a foldable chair.

She had initially been convicted of abusing Ms Juwarti, then 22, at her Buangkok flat between June and September 2010.

Chan, who punched Ms Juwarti in the eye and chest, kicked her in the groin until the latter bled and stamped on her body on separate occasions, had her case labelled as “probably one of the most distressing domestic maid-abuse cases in Singapore” by trial judge Low Wee Ping.

4. April 2014

Soh Meiyun who tortured her Indonesian maid with a bamboo pole, hot spoon and sewing needle because she was unhappy with her work was sentenced to 16 months’ jail after being convicted of three abuse charges on December 7, 2012.  — PHOTO: ST FILE

Soh Meiyun, 34, had her 16-month jail term reduced to a $15,000 fine in April last year, after she was diagnosed with both major depressive disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder during the time she abused her maid.

The housewife had used a bamboo pole to hit the back, head and thighs of her Indonesian maid, Lilis Sriyatun, 26. She had also heated a metal spoon over a stove and pressed it against her maid’s arm. In the final incident, Soh forced her helper to strip before using a needle to poke and scratch the victim’s body. Ms Sriyatun escaped after that incident.

Soh’s husband, IT technician Tang Leng Khuen, was also jailed for four weeks for kicking his maid and hitting her back with a clothes hanger.

5. April 2014

Former property agent Wong Pui Kwan, 27, began abusing her Filipina maid Rinonos Analyn Almoite, 30, in October 2011, one month after Ms Rinonos began working for Wong’s father.

Wong had, on separate occasions, abused the maid by caning her on her body and back, pouring cooking oil on her and throwing a chair at her maid, causing a big bruise on her thigh. Before Ms Rinonos ran away, Wong had also insulted her modesty by pulling the maid’s panties and shorts down to her feet for not cleaning her daughter’s mouth properly .

Wong – who also faced charges for kicking and slapping another Myanmar helper Su Su Han, 35 – was jailed for 12 months.

6. August 2013

Noryanti Abdul Rahim, was sentenced to jail for three months on two counts of maid abuse on August 30,2013. — PHOTO: ST FILE


Noryanti Abdul Rahim, 40, had abused her Indonesian maid four times in one day, the day her maid escaped through the window of the second-floor HDB flat.

That day, Noryanti had reprimanded Ms Tardem, 26, for not closing the main door of her Commonwealth Drive flat. Noryanti poked her maid all over the head and slapped her face on both sides before dragging the victim by her shirt towards the toilet, where she kicked the maid’s left thigh.

Noryanti had also, on a separate occasion, hit Ms Tardem on the head and shoulders repeatedly with an aluminium strainer till it broke.

Noryanti was sentenced to three months’ jail.


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Posted on 16 May 2015


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