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Understanding Anisya’s SMS Messaging System

To protect the privacy of users, Anisya has provided a messaging system to allow users to send messages to one another without them exposing their personal email and phone details through their user profiles.

When messages are sent between users, Anisya sends out email notifications, as well as SMS notifications to selected users (domestic workers and employer with premium accounts). Anisya’s SMS system also allows for 2 way communication and this article describes how that works in more detail.

When using Anisya’s messaging system, you would see four main types of information:

1) the date and time in which the message was sent

2) the profile name of the person who sent it

3) the contact information of the person on the right (written as “Contact at …”

4) the contents of the message itself. 

Please note that the phone number that you receive these SMS messages from belongs to the Anisya service; these phone numbers do not belong the message sender.  To contact the sender directly, use the phone number that shows up in the “Contact at XXXX YYYY” field.


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Posted on 19 Aug 2014


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