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FB Posts linked to Anisya profiles

For the DW members in the Anisya community, we have recently rolled out a new system to automatically link your Facebook replies to Employer ads back to your Anisya profile.  This will make it easier for employers to find out more about you and to improve your chances of being contacted for interviews.  You can see these links in some of the employer ads on the Anisya Facebook page.

For those of you who have not created your profiles on Anisya, sign up today to take advantage of this new feature!

REMINDER: the Anisya Facebook page is a Public Page, this means ANYONE can read the posts and comments. Many workers respond directly to ads by posting their personal phone numbers; this information is publicly accessible and you are opening yourself up for crank calls.  Some Anisya members have already informed us about these crank calls; don’t let this happen to you.

The Anisya website allows you to communicate directly with employers without exposing your contact information. Please make use of that.  You can found out more about the Anisya messaging system here.

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