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Requirements for Employers to hire DWs

This page provides an overview of the requirements that Employers need to meet before they can hire a foreign domestic worker (FDW).  There are also some conditions around whether Employers can continue hiring FDWs.

The full description of requirements and conditions can be found on the MOM website, and you are strongly encouraged to read it in detail.  Not to worry, it is written in a relatively straight forward manner.

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Employers Orientation Program

All first time prospective employers need to complete the Employers Orientation Program (EOP) – this can be done in a classroom, online (you will need to obtain a SingPass) or you can seek an exemption. Details for how to apply for a SingPass, which you will need for most government-related transactions, can be found here.  If you apply online it takes approximately 3-4 days to get your SingPass, but if you go to a counter it’s on the spot ., Then once you have your SingPass, you can apply for the EOP course online, make payment, and they will send you a link within the next 3 days to take the course., You should be able to complete it within 3 hours. An application can only be put in 2 working days after you finish this class. A Dependent Pass holder may also sign up for a SingPass, take the EOP under their name, and apply to be the ’employer’ for the domestic worker.

For new employers who do not have their Income Tax Notice Of Assessment (typically expatriates newly arriving into Singapore), they need to get a letter from their company stating their FIN, date of commencement, and monthly salary. The absence of this letter will hold up the work permit application to MOM.  New employers in this situation should contact their HR departments ahead of time to avoid any delays in processing.

Three conditions that will allow an employer to be exempted from the EOP 

  1. Having some form of medical condition, disability
  2. Being elderly and not mobile
  3. Being within a month time frame (before and after) of delivering a child.

These are indeed exceptional cases and most able bodied employers will have to take the EOP.

Changing more than 4 FDWs a year

Please take the time necessary to ensure that you have a good match with your future domestic worker.

Employers who apply for their fifth FDW within a 12-month period must attend the Classroom EOP.  Employers who apply for their sixth or subsequent FDW within a 12-month period must attend an interview with an MOM officer before the Ministry processes the Work Permit application. The interview will allow the Ministry to gain an understanding of the employer’s practices to assess the application.

Blacklisted Employers

Employers deemed unsuitable to employ FDWs will not be allowed to apply for new Work Permits for FDWs or renew the Work Permits of their current FDWs.

An employer will be blacklisted if found to have committed offences such as:

  • Physical and/or psychological abuse of the FDW
  • Exploitation and/or ill treatment of the FDW, for example:
    • Failing to pay her salary; and/or
    • Failing to provide for the upkeep and maintenance of the FDW such as adequate food and rest
  • Requiring the FDW to perform dangerous tasks such as cleaning exterior windows of high-rise apartments and hanging out laundry without safety measures
  • Illegally employing or deploying the FDW (this is also why employers should not hire “part-time” helpers who are actually full-time FDWs for another employer)


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